Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
    dr osei kwame despite

    Kennedy Osei has received an award at the 11th edition of the African Achievers Awards that took place in Kensington Palace in the Uk. The business mogul Osei Kwame Despite is the Africa Entrepreneur of the year.

    “An Honour to Represent My Mentor, My Dad and Boss, DR OSEI KWAME (DESPITE) as Africa Entrepreneur of the year at the 11th African Achievers Awards held at the Kensington Palace in the Uk.

    In all things, we give thanks to the Lord 🙏🏽
    For God and Country 🙏🏽.” Kennedy shared as a caption where he held the plaque and a certificate.

    The entrepreneur has inspired many lives. The story of how he manoeuvred through the lone and nearly-failed instances to establish the business empire that now employs hundreds of people is awe-inspiring.

    Osei Kwame Despite is a level-headed businessman with a very good background in music production. In fact, he knows the broadcasting industry like the back of his palm. He is the owner of the Despite Company Ltd. This is a trading company with subsidiaries in the media industry. These are PEACE FM which is the largest and the most popular FM station in the country, OKAY FM station, NEAT FM both in Accra and HELLO FM station in Kumasi.

    Also, he set up NEAT FOODS LTD, which processes our local plantain, cocoyam, maize and palm fruits into tertiary products. In fact, the Neat product line Neat Fufu has become a reference to the traditional fufu. Moreover, he also owns a manufacturing company ANTONA FOODS LTD, producing the ever-popular THIS WAY chocolate drink and other flavours including the Motherlac cereal for children. Despite is a co-founder of a Salt mining company, U2 Salt, which is located at Winneba.

    Dr Osei-Kwame with his partner co-founded the United Television (UTV). As of now, the station is the leading TV station in the country, arguably.

    Adding to his entrepreneurial portfolio, he co-founded Best Point Savings and Loans Ltd, a very renowned financial institution in the country. Currently, he serves as the Vice President of the institution.

    His generosity and humanitarian activities coupled with entrepreneurship has earned him countless honours and recognition in the country and beyond.

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