Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
    samini dagaati

    Godfather Samini Dagaati is receiving warm applauds for promoting godson’s upcoming concert despite the subtle feud they share. The BHIM Concert is coming live today, December 21, 2021.

    It has been a long time coming, however, he did it after all. Around 8 am today, Samini threw off the ego or whatever was holding him to share a flyer of Stonebwoy’s concert on his page. He entreated everyone in Accra to participate.

    “Going down tonight! 1GAD x King Beenieman! If you are in Accra, don’t miss the Bhim Concert going down tonight at the Grand Arena!” 🔥🔥🔥.”

    Meanwhile, he has his own concert too on the 24 at the same venue – the Grand Arena in Accra.

    Upon promoting 1GAD, industry players like DJ Ohemaa Woyeje and many others have lavished praises on Samini. According to him, he has acted maturely. As a result, the BHIM fans reassured that they will storm his show too for what he has done.

    Moreover, Samini Dagaati never tagged any of them, thus, Stonebwoy and Beenieman in the most. It’s never possible that he doesn’t know 1GAD’s real Instagram account. It tells, perhaps, that the bad blood between them is still hot.

    The Samini-Stonebwoy feud was a heartbreaking one. It started when Asaase Radio picked Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy for its Sound Clash challenge. The Reggae and Dancehall icon, born Emmanuel Andrews Sammini expressed disappointment towards his godson. He believed that the battle is his, not the sons. After all the entire Shatta-Stonebwoy feud was borne out of the Shatta-Samini feud. So, it’s the battle of the fathers.

    In other words, he felt sidelined. That is, he believes he is still a reigning champion, so if there is any battle for champions of the genre, he must surely represent. Well, a whole lot of issues emanated from interviews from both camps and it tore the hearts of the High-Grade Family and BHIMnation apart. The love these great musicians shared was so immense that no one expected such an incident.

    By Stanley Coffie

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