Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
    sexual harassment

    The Ghana Police has arrested one of its officers for sexual harassment. According to the agency, officer number 51530, General Lance Corporal Victor Antwi Yeboah has been arrested for violating the dignity of the female occupant of a vehicle.

    In the viral video, the victim was screaming “what are you doing! You’re touching me.” The officer said “I’m not doing anything” while he seductively touched the legs of the women as well as attempted to put the hands between the laps. Upon several screams from her, he responded that she is naked and therefore he will touch her. Suddenly, the device capturing videoing stopped upon struggling. People are imagining the ordeal she suffered later when the video covering stopped. That came after he yelled that he will slap her.

    Upon sighting the footage on social media, the police launched an immediate investigation. The suspected is in custody helping with investigations.

    It has surfaced that the sex abuser in uniform has been stationed at the Regional Operations Unit in the Bono East Region. The Inspector-General of Police, Dr George Akuffo Dampare has reached out and spoken to the victim. He has assured her of maximum police support and justice. This includes psychological care and trauma therapy. The administration has also apologized to the lady for the sexual harassment she has experienced.

    The police are the least of workers to indulge in such conduct. Gone are the days where people revere people in uniform. In these modern times, they have lost their value. Apparently, that is the result of rampant crimes where police are among the culprits. There was an instance in which a police officer slept with a victim in his custody multiple times in order to release her.

    Following the current incident, people are wondering the number of victims Lance Corporal Victor Antwi Yeboah has sexually assaulted. Hopefully, this will deter other corrupt law enforcers to reform.

    By Stanley Coffie

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