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taadi akatesia

Growing up among the Ahantas, there was one slogan I can still hear echoing in my ears even now; the best comes from the West. Analyzing the entire makeup and delivery of Taadi Akatesia in the ongoing TV3 Talented Kids reality show, one can’t argue over this.

She knew what she could do, she felt the desire burning in her to showcase her talent to the world. When she couldn’t hold it in anymore, she bumped into her uncle’s studio and that was how the journey started.

taadi akatesia


Taadi Akatesia is born Wilhemina Essien. She is 9 years old and a student of Kings Academy at Ewusiejoe in Ahanta West in the Western Region of Ghana. The Talented Kids star is a daughter to Charlotte Fuwaku (Businesswoman) and Mr Joshua Essien (a commercial driver). Wilhemina has four other siblings and she is the youngest.

taadi akatesia

Her talent discovery

Taadi Akatesia is endowed with two amazing talents. She can sing and dance. However, singing outweighs the other. She discovered this at the age of four when she started singing. According to his uncle Francis Fuwaku, a music producer, his niece came to his studio one day while he was making a certain beat.

She told him that she wants to sing. Shocked by her request, he probed to know if it was an existing song she want to sing or what was it that she was coming to do. To make it more shocking, she replied that it’s her own song.

Well, he let her have her way. On the beat doing her thing, all that her uncle can remember today was the lyrics that ‘I know I can sing… no matter what you do I’m going to sing.” Right there, Francis deduced that the song Taadi Akatesia did was a message to her parents.

taadi akatesia

So he did all he could to finish the song and told the parents that their daughter ‘has some fire in her bones’ for this music stuff. The producer and uncle wanted to help her come out with her debut single. Unfortunately, she realized that her commitment was inadequate.

Her journey to Talented Kids

So, during the climax of 2021, the family chanced upon an institution that trains children for reality shows. According to Francis, they were late for registering. However, Taadi Akatesia is a gifted vocalist and can sing to any key without derailing. So they picked her up quickly.

Trainer Ellen Adom Bi Nti did the best she could but the talented singer could not make a cut for the Nsroma audition. The world was over for Wilhemina, she wept her heart out and even refused to eat. She was really broken-hearted. Thankfully, her caring family did the best they could to bring her back to her life’s steering wheel once again.

taadi akatesia

And then, the fortunate for her, right after healing from the broken heart, TV3 Talented Kids also kick-started with their auditions. The 9-year-old amazing ‘West-side’ singer made a cut for all the three tough auditions into the final.

And here she is now, on the giant screen nationwide every Sunday thrilling us with her unique and amazing performances. Truly, she has rhythm, music cries within her – she’s letting it out.


After Talented Kids, What Next?

Speaking to the family on what the future holds for Taadi Akatesia, we can conclude on one thing. That, she has kickstarted her music career and she is not backing down. According to the uncle, definitely, she is not going to gamble with her education. However, she would be doing music as well. Thus, she will be musically active so as to maintain the fire while she grows with it into perfection and professionalism.

After all, her uncle is a music producer her trainer is a veteran musician. It’s apparent that this won’t be a difficult journey to walk, perhaps.

taadi akatesia

Incredibly, Taadi Akatesia is still in the game. She has held her ground and is appealing to all that enjoy her arts and performances to keep her in the game by voting for her. After dialling *713*13#, kindly look for the name TADI AKATESIA and show her some love. She has a lot to give to the nation.

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