Wed. Jun 29th, 2022

Reno Omokri in his latest nugget has expressed that those men who tattoo the images of their girlfriends on their bodies are very pathetic. According to him, even though these men do it to show love, they never knew how pitiful they look.

The renowned lawyer and author instead, projected mothers as the ones fit for such love. Omokri stated that mothers joined umbilical cord with their children. In other words, they form part of their children and feed them even in the womb. Yet these ‘pathetic’ sons have done nothing peculiar for them.

“Dear men,

You want to tattoo your girlfriend’s name on your body as a sign of love? Do you know how pathetic you are? You were carried in your mother’s womb for 9 months. You were joined by an umbilical cord. What have you done for her? Tattoo slap you there! “

Moreover, he also stated that girlfriends may leave. Even marriages collapse. Therefore, there is no point in drawing your lover on your body since they can leave at any time. However, mothers always stay. One can have multiple marriages and relationships but mothers come once in a lifetime.

He urged men to value the treasure instead and not the pleasure.

“What if she leaves you for another man? Do you know who can’t leave you? Your mother! Remember your treasure, not your pleasure. May God not let anyone reading this have a son who will behave this way. In Christ’s Name!”

Love makes people do a lot of crazy things. Yeah, they say love is crazy. People go to the extent of indulging in blood covenants and other entanglements that hold them back even when the relationship is over. Realizing the depth of some commitment they made, leaving even while the relationship or love proves a fruitless ending becomes the impossible thing to do.

And tattooing a lover on your body is one of them. The question is if it dawns on you that there is no future, would you peel off that part of your skin bearing your lover’s face?

By Stanley Coffie

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