Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
    the kardashians hulu

    Out of the classics you can’t afford to miss in April is The Kardashians, Hulu is premiering this in this month of April.

    The much anticipated, latest reality TV series starred Kris Jenner, Kourtney, Khloe and Kim Kardashian. Other casts include Kendall and Kylie Jenner.

    The Kardashians on Hulu will reveal all the secrets and truth behind the headlines that shook the four corners of the earth.

    Earlier last month, they released a 2-minutes-trailer to give a glimpse of all the thrills the series has to offer. It filmed Kendall Jenner saying

    “I think it’s time to see a whole new side of the family.”
    Obviously, it’s not a surprise the series has the subtitle “New Home, Next Level.”

    It also showcased moments where Kourtney Kardashian discussed his relationship with musician Travis Barker, and Kylie Jenner told about her second pregnancy. And yeah, Kim Kardashian hinted at her divorce from Kanye West and her relationship with comedian Pete Davidson, among others.

    So, it’s all about the high profile personalities in the two clans – Kardashian and Jenner, revealing all the secrets in their relationships and life.
    The climaxing of last year, through to the early days of this year was challenging for the Kardashians, Hulu would reveal it all on April 14.

    The most viral of all the headlines among these two families was the Kim Kardashian – Kanye West – Pete Davidson brouhaha.

    Kim divorcing West was one of the pains followers of both celebrities can’t get over. Well, most critics were in support of Kim anyway. Along the line, there was a controversy where West said that Kim is denying him custody of his kids.

    Later on, West bought a house closer to Kim. According to people, the desire to see his kids often inspired him to take such initiative. We hope so.

    On Hulu, The Kardashians will give you all the gist you are looking for. Aside from the American subscription streaming service, the series will be internationally premiered by Disney+ and by Star+ in Latin America.

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