Thu. Sep 21st, 2023
    the obdurate

    FECC Concept Limited is set to release its new baby, The Obdurate in theatres in Nigeria and on the production firm’s digital store.

    As directed by Patrick Onaele, the movie films the story of a family of sisters. The chaste among them surprisingly has a lot of suitors instead. Out of jealousy, the others planted a series of schemes to take her glory which was all futile.

    The Obdurate casts a host of Nollywood’s finest actors. This includes Ejike Collins, Nnamdi Umahi, Agatha and Ekeleme Chigozie (POP). Also casting is the famous veteran actor Harry B. Anyanwu and his Nollywood son, Maicon Emeka.

    Ekeleme Chigozie is the producer of the movie. Moreover, he is the owner of the production firm FECC Concept Limited. Within its shortest time of birth, the production firm has released a lot of mind-boggling movies that fall into the stream of trending Nollywood movies today.

    This includes The Billionaire Ladies, Thicker Than Water, The Funeral, The Last Flight, 7 Rules of Marriage, Black Casket, Diary of Death, The Black Widows, Who Will Save Me, Bury Me, and Royal Bridesmaid. These are just a few. Amazingly, they all have their sequels too. The latest to join the portfolio is The Obdurate.

    According to Ekeleme Chigozie, Obdurate will start premiering in April 2022 in theatres in Nigeria and on his Youtube channel FECCNOLLY-TV.

    The producer who also goes by the name Prince Chigozie Hamsom and POP (Prince of Peace) is an actor and writer as well. One of his well-known scripts is The Evil Mother. Poised to showcase his art to the world, He is in talks with industry players across Africa to create the enabling environment where Nollywood arts will break more bounds in the continent and beyond.

    Ekeleme sarcastically mocked his colleagues in the industry when the Russia – Ukraine war was at its peak. According to him, Zubby Michael, Gentle Jack, Sam Dede, Jerry Amino, Jude Ike, Kelvin Ikeduba and Sylvester who he referred to as his seniors handle guns like a pro in movies. Therefore, it was time they show love to Ukraine.

    While you wait patiently for The Obdurate to hit the shelves, you can click on this link to watch the amazing pieces mentioned above on FeccNolly-TV.

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