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    usher chris brown versuz battle date

    One can imagine what would happen in the world of entertainment and the R&B fraternity if a Versuz battle date is fixed for Usher and Chris Brown. The two battling themselves out with what they do best would be epic. However, they think it’s not healthy or necessary yet.

    The fact is both stars are doing amazing in the industry and has cut special niches for themselves. According to people, there should be one king and versuz is where they determine this. Usher and Chris Brown have a strong positive relationship. Interestingly, they have shared a lot of stages together. Usher has been seen most of the time inviting his other brother on stage. There are rumors that even suggest that Chris Brown looked up to Usher while stepping into the limelight.
    usher chris brown versuz battle date
    It could be true, for the Confessions hitmaker is about ten years older than the New Flame hitmaker. Besides, he had fame and earned the superstar title before the latter tasted his too. There have been scenes where Breezy has been singing Usher’s song word to word while they were together. It was so awesome watching those videos that two great stars in the same genre are getting along so well.

    So don’t you think a versuz battle won’t be good for them? Well, Usher has revealed that fans should not expect that any moment sooner. He doesn’t have plans to battle his colleague and ‘kid’ brother in the game. So, don’t expect any date. This came in July this year when the call for the battle was intense.

    Surprisngly, there was even a flyer that featured them assumingly ready for a versuz battle. According to Usher, “there was even a flyer that was put together. It’s not official, no, we’re not doing that.”

    “But I can appreciate what I see,” he continued, “Nah, there’s no Versuz. I don’t think y’all ready for nothing like that.”

    “You might be ready for something like that on stage, maybe in the future. Stay tuned.” However, prior to this, CB had already expressed that a battle wouldn’t be bad after all. Amazingly, the stars intensified their bond even after all these expressions.

    Fans have already aired their judgements though. Interestingly, they conclude that when it comes to dancing, Chris Brown wins while Usher gets nods with singing. Meanwhile, no one has counted who has more hits than the other. Yet, don’t expect a Versuz battle date any moment sooner.

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