Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
    wendy shay

    Rufftown Records signee, Wendy Shay has dropped the video for her last project in 2021. Kiss Me Through The Phone featured the talented Highlife star Bisa Kdei.

    The festive season keeps blazing with a wide collection of music and shows to choose from. Interestingly, the artists see Christmas and New Year as the moment to give their fan base some classics to groove to.

    A lot of musical releases has happened in December, and sensational singer never wanted to miss the opportunity. As a matter of fact, she has kept her relevance throughout the year. There have been several times she had hit headlines for controversies – just like the previous years. Seriously, she knows how to stay afloat in the game.

    A few months ago, Wendy Shay released Heat. Surprisingly, the song went viral instantly. Probably, it is because it relates directly to the issues on the ground. The song addressed the economic discomfort Ghanaians are going through. The singer who calls herself Ghana’s Beyonce did everything possible to promote the song. One of the publicity stunts was a skit where she and her mom hit the road to sell sachet water. It depicted the true state of the economy, it was a thump up for her.

    Then, she further released Break My Waist. It also went viral with its challenge all over social media pages.

    Well, we thought that would end it for the year, the least we knew was that Kiss Me Through The Phone was on fire. Now it’s ready for consumption. It talks about lovebirds who are separated by distance. As the lady couldn’t contain the loneliness any longer, she phones the guy to profess how she misses him and yearn for his touches. Mickey Johnson directed the video as part of her Shayning Star album.

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