Wed. Sep 27th, 2023
    hot water burns

    A Primary school teacher, Mallam Aliyu Ibrahim from Danbatta Local Government Area of Kano State in Nigeria suffers severe burns after his wife poured hot water on his body. Actually, the wife targeted his private part.

    In the photo he took at the medical facility, the entire groin area down the thighs were discoloured by the hot water burns. Many relationship and marital guides have always said men should fear the silence of women.

    Thus, when their partners seem indifferent about something unfavourable they intend to do, they should fear. Besides, even when they say go ahead with a particular project, ask very well for assurance. They believe that women have a mysterious way of conveying their thoughts and actions. And that was the fate Mallam Aliyu Ibrahim met.

    According to him, he disclosed his intention to marry a second wife and his wife was okay per her post behaviour.

    “Since the time I told her about my plan to marry another wife, I did not see any change of attitude from her and we had been living together peacefully.”

    When she has had the grievance up to her throat, she unleashed her unguarded action. Apparently, she wanted him to lose the organ that is compelling him to take in another wife. After all, what’s the use of a new wife to an impotent man.

    “Last night after I returned home, I bought some meat for them. I met her boiling the water, but I had no idea she was going to use it for me.” He explained.

    Reacting to the news, most women side with the wife. In fact, they even suggested the wife should have it cut it off completely instead of the hot water burns.

    A similar incident happened in January this year – the popular incident. The wife of the 31-year-old police inspector, poured acid on his face leaving him blind and disfigured for life. Even though he has forgiven her for what she has done, he won’t pull off the charges against her.


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