Fri. Mar 31st, 2023
xandy camel and ohema woyeje

Ghana’s A-list DJ, Ohemaa Woyeje has given nuggets to Xandy Camel following the latter’s current outburst over woes in her marriage. Ohema Woyeje stated that “The first few years of most marriages hits d point of (Near-Divorce) until u decide to stand firm!”

For the first time in two years, Xandy Camel has opened up about what her marriage is like. According to the revelation she put across, her husband and his side chic are disgracing her. She revealed that her marriage with King Kaninja is on the verge of collapse.

The actress and host presenter stated that she was very close with the side-chic, they were like butter and bread. That was until when the lady started giving her unfriendly reactions. As a result, she also cut herself off from her social circles. Later on, she heard rumours from the side chick’s camp that she, Xandy Camel has snatched her man. Meanwhile, according to her, she never knew the husband was dating the friend.

And below is the entire nuggets Ohemaa Woyeje shared with the embattled friend, Xandy Camel.

“The last sense I learnt was never to discuss my marriage with friends!
Marriage is good but never perfect!
Marriage is for WOMEN, NOT Girls!
I can feel your pain @xandykamel 😔 but take it easy on urself.
People have worse things under their carpet in their marital homes but they polish and show to the public what they prefer to put out!
With time, this same offense ur partner might have committed will sound normal to u and u will look back n laugh at it 😆.”
“People that are respected highly are doing even worse things unseen!
Run for ur life ONLY if it endangers your life. BUT if it won’t kill u; then just give it TIME ☀️Let go of it.🙏
Stay away from the public and their made to believe sympathy ❤️‍🩹
And when u finally cross this stage, don’t love with ur heart 💜 anymore; But still luv anyway.😁
The first few years of most marriages hits d point of (Near-Divorce) until u decide to stand firm!
You are not alone, don’t feed haters.”

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