Wed. Sep 27th, 2023

    Avid and celebrated journalist, Manasseh Azure strongly believes Zoomlion is not being fair to its employees. Sadly, he expresses shock as to why the government seem indifferent as it has the authority to step in now. Meanwhile, the ruling government criticized it while in opposition.

    According to the investigative journalist, the sanitation firm gives less than two-third of the amount the nation has allocated to the sweepers to them. That is, per arrangement, Ghana gives GHS 600 to every worker in the company. However, Zoomlion gives only GHS 180 to these sweepers who makes sure the cities are clean. As a result, he is urging the government to pay them the GHS 480 directly to the workers.

    “Sir, the sweepers across the country are paid 180 cedis a month out of the 600 cedis allocated to them from the taxpayers’ coffers. Instead of paying them directly through the assemblies they clean, your government pays through Zoomlion. “

    “The arrangement is that Zoomlion will take 420 cedis and give the poor sweepers in whose name the youth employment programme was created only 180 cedis. Zoomlion claims there are 45,000 sweepers on the payroll. This means that each month, 18.9 MILLION GHANA CEDIS goes to Zoomlion while each of the poor workers goes home with 180 cedis ($30).” Manasseh Azure added.

    Also, the journalist charged the president to empathize with the poor sweepers. He expressed his displeasure on why the government is continuing with the deal.

    “Sir put yourself in the shoes of the mothers and fathers who do this work. They have no health insurance or pension or any other benefit. You and your party criticised this wickedness when you were in opposition. In government, you’re continuing it.”

    In conclusion, Azure appealed to the President to put an end to the heartless arrangement.

    “The truest test of your character is how you treat the vulnerable. I’m appealing to you to end this heartless arrangement so that sweepers can be paid directly. Don’t harden your heart, please.”

    By Stanley Coffie

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